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At the beginning of the 1980s, ULO/CA storage of fruit began to appear and the demand for gas-tight doors arose. To meet this new demand, Salco developed a gas-tight cooling door with a unique, patented inflatable sealing system.

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Salco is a genuine family business. With over 100 Salco colleagues we are looking for the best locking door solutions every day. We can handle any challenge by developing, producing and assembling our products ourselves. Directed by our work planners, project leaders and R&D department. Our doors are found all over the world. And we are secretely proud of that.

By listening and understanding what customers really want, we can create the best door solutions. This way, trade and processes remain protected. Involve us in your process at an early stage, so we can advise you in advance. How can we help you along? Ask Salco.