PURIVOX Saat- und Ernteschutzgeräte GmbH

Short description

Purivox that stands for a professional bird control in orchards, vineyards and several other agricultural sectors. If you are also struggeling with a bird problem, get in touch with us and meet us at the show!

Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • P Orcharding and viticulture
  • P Special cultures
  • P Crop protection and fertilizer
  • P Additional products for plant protection
  • P Agricultural machinery
  • P Machines and systems for orcharding, wine-growing and vegetable cultivation
  • P Additional machines and equipment
  • P Plant protection

About us

Purivox GmbH is an owner-managed company for professional bird control systems:With a tested Purivox bird repellent system you benefit from our experience since 1950.

  • We mainly deal with the demanding bird control for large areas over several hectares, such as farmers, wine growers or airports.
  • We are based in Ottersheim, a small local village in Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate). However, our defence devices are in use on all continents of the world (except Antarctica).
  • Successful bird control
  • Our mission is an incresed crop yield in agriculture. Over time, other areas for bird control have been added.