OrusLife GmbH

Short description

OrusLife GmbH is the German sales company of the Swiss Astalis SA and operates in the segments of plant nutrition, biostimulants and biological crop protection.

Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • P Fertilizers
  • P Agriculture, seeds, oilseeds, grain legumes, cereals
  • P Insecticide
  • P Solutions for the harvest
  • P Orcharding and viticulture
  • P Special cultures
  • P Crop protection and fertilizer
  • P Additional products for plant protection
  • P Operating materials and consumables
  • P Other products
  • P Fruit growing and harvesting needs
  • P Plant protection
  • P Soil excipients, plant aids
  • S Services
  • S Research
  • S Consulting
  • S Sales and distribution
  • S Trade

About us

OrusLife is an independent marketing and sales company for special products in the areas of plant nutrition, plant strengthening, soil activation and biological plant protection.

OrusLife, together with its Swiss sister company Stähler Suisse SA, brings together plant cultivation specialists of development and registration, sales, marketing and logistics.

The product range currently includes products for calcium supply, root activation and plant vitalization. In addition, a growth stimulator registered as a plant protection product and a biological insect repellent in fruit and wine growing are part of the program.

With the help of our own German warehouse, the product range is available across Germany through German specialist dealers for agricultural equipment.