Müller GmbH Brennereianlagen

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Müller Pot Stills is a family enterprise with a long tradition. We are developing and manufacturing modern distillery units for customers worldwide. Awarded to be "Craft Enterprise of the Year 2019"


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Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S CE
  • P Distillery / Distillation
  • P Fruit processing machines
  • P Filter and filter materials
  • P Tanks
  • P Pumps
  • S Education

About us

Müller GmbH – pot stills ...

a medium-sized family enterprise with a long tradition. Already in the 3rd generation we are successful in development and manufacture of small distillery units. Our craft distillery plants are particularly suitable for the production of fully aromatic spirits from fruit and berries, grapes and grape pomace as well as Gin and Whiskey . Each unit is individually planned and built accordingly to the customer's wishes as well as the spatial conditions.