Metasa Metallkonstruktionen und Erntetechnik GmbH

Short description

Metasa specializes in the manufacture and sale of metal structures, implements and other products of harvesting technology and logistics in the agricultural sector and especially for producing horticulture. The company motto: It is still a little better!

About us

Through experienced experts, powerful machines and reliable suppliers and partners, Metasa achieves the high standard of its - often individually adapted - products and services. As a manufacturer, Metasa Metal Constructions and Harvesting Technology is the first choice for flexible and short-term available agricultural technology products, efficient equipment, trolleys and more. for harvesting, logistics boxes or promotional tools.
This also applies to agricultural equipment used in producing horticulture. That is why Metasa is constantly developing technically innovative solutions for fruit and vegetable production that successfully optimize and simplify work processes. Popular examples of in-house innovation can be found in the Metasa-designed film tunnel with MetaPat system or the film wrapper Wickel Star. All harvesting constructions from Metasa can be adapted to individual requirements.