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Direct marketing causes a variety of logistical and business management tasks. In the absence of software support, even a few customers generate a high level of administrative effort. FrachtPilot enables the digitalization and automation of all administrative tasks.

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  • P Products Direct Marketing / Farm Shop
  • S Services
  • S Egg trade
  • S Internet, web service
  • S Computer program
  • S Computers for agriculture
  • S Marketing

About us

FrachtPilot allows cost- and time-efficient agricultural direct marketing through fully digitally integrated and highly automated planning and control of all marketing processes.

FrachtPilot supports the following marketing processes: Fully system-integrated white label webshop, production and inventory planning, batch tracking, digital picking and delivery list management, route planning, real-time navigation, cash register systems, accounting systems, as well as advance VAT return and control messages.

As a modular software solution, our customers can configure the functional scope of FrachtPilot to meet their specific operational needs and rent it flexibly on a monthly basis by paying a licence fee. FrachtPilot is easy to operate via a web browser. Our customers do not have to buy additional hardware or software. There are no expensive initial costs. 

The founders of FrachtPilot are Dr Sebastian Terlunen (CEO), Jan-Hendrik Fischer (COO) and Dr Stefan Fleischer (CTO). All three founders graduated from the University of Münster in the field of business informatics. Sebastian Terlunen completed his doctorate at the University of Münster in the field of logistics and Stefan Fleischer in the field of application system development. Furthermore, Sebastian Terlunen grew up on his parents' farm.