farmunited GmbH

Short description

farmunited will showcase innovations that optimize crop yield, fuel and water usage, as well as crop protection: the digital agricultural sensor FARMSENSE, the radio-controlled irrigation valve FARMVALVE, the efficient spray system CLEVERSPRAY PRO and the blower module SMARTFAN.

Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • P Solutions for the harvest
  • P Orcharding and viticulture
  • P Plant protection
  • P Irrigation systems
  • S Internet, web service
  • S Computers for agriculture

About us

We shape the future

farmunited develops trendsetting technologies for agriculture at its Friedrichshafen site. With innovative sensor and control technology, smart apps and an IoT real-time platform, we offer holistic solutions for sustainable and optimized harvesting. Intelligent components, real-time maps and smart planning processes provide for efficient crop protection and optimized irrigation.

Currently, farmunited develops addtional sensor and network technology to provide every farmer with easy and inexpensive access to valuable environmental and soil data. Radiocommunication, blockchain, micro-payments and app technologies are used for the data transmission. Going forward, these innovative technologies will help farmers to easily communicate with and benefit from each other.

farmunited GmbH emerged from the merger of inovel systeme AG and the ETO GRUPPE. The ETO GRUPPE operates worldwide and, with its existing production and sales capacities, offers new perspectives and opportunities to continuously develop innovative agricultural technology and invest in new markets and staff.

The ETO GRUPPE is a fast-growing, medium-sized group of companies headquartered in Stockach / Germany, close to Lake Constance. Established in 1948, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of electromagnetic automotive components, sensors and electronics. The group also develops software to control of highly dynamic processes in the areas of mobility, automotive, industrial automation, medical care and agriculture.

As an employer, farmunited offers much room for individual development and exciting projects in technologically exciting and future-oriented fields of business.