CARL GmbH Destillations- & Brauereitechnik

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Carl GmbH is a family business with over 150 years of experience in distillation and distillery technology. We advise, plan and build the plant tailored to each individual customer.


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About us

Carl GmbH has been a family business for more than 150 years and is one of the oldest coppersmiths in Germany and the world.

Founded in 1869 and now in its fifth generation of family ownership, the

Carl GmbH manufactures finest distillery technology and sells it worldwide.

An overview of our services:

∙ artisan distilling from 50 to 15,000 l pot stills

∙ Industrial distilleries up to 25,000 lApd

- private & industrial

-∙vacuum distilling

-∙CARL Distilling Process Control DPC 

-∙CARL CADi - intelligent distilling by automatic measure & process control

-∙CARL pressure cleaning system with integrated CIP cleaning

-∙CARL botanical basket for Gin Distillation

-∙CARL copper adsorber / catalyzer

-∙CARL Distillery Safety DPC 200