UP- and unwinder: smart and versatile

The new KOMDRUCK rewinder/unwinder is the smartest and most versatile on the market! With different core sizes, label widths, roll diameters and options to choose from, there's a rewinder/unwinder for every job to suit your needs.

The new KOMDRUCK rewinder and unwinder is the perfect addition to any color inkjet printer. The most important features are:

  • Self-learning function as rewinder or unwinder
  • Supports rewind process for color inkjet printers & tension sensitive printers
  • Automatic speed adjustment to the printer speed
  • Speed up to 125 cm/s for working with the fastest barcode printers available
  • Bidirectional for internal & external winding
  • New maintenance-free soft-touch control panel with LED status indicators
  • Paper guide for straight and fixed label rolls as standard, no flanges required
  • The model has a 76 mm x 170 mm quick-release chuck as standard (different diameters / lengths available)
  • Holds labels up to 203 mm (full print width)
  • For roll diameters up to 300 mm
  • Available for reel cores of 38, 40, 44, 70, 76 and 100 mm
  • Max. Roll weight 10 kg

The Komdruck rewinder and unwinder holds labels up to 170 mm wide and winds rolls up to 300 mm in diameter.

Thanks to the stable, heavy steel construction, your Komdruck rewinder and unwinder is easy to set up. Special non-slip feet prevent the device from moving.

The intelligent Komdruck rewinder/unwinder is reliable, high quality and maintenance-free and comes with a 5-YEAR SPARE PARTS and WORKING TIME WARRANTY (1 year on power supplies), the longest warranty in the industry.

Power Supply:
Input: 220-230 VAC
Output: 15 VDC -4.33 A

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