Surround - high quality kaolin

The safe answer against pear sucker (Psylla) and cherry fruit fly (spotted drosophila), also excellent in terms of processing and sprayability. Approvals are also expected in good time for 2023

Surround is an insecticide (repellent) against pear suckers, cherry fruit fly and pollen beetle. The product received emergency phytosanitary permits in 2021 and 2022, which included control of pollen beetle in organic canola cultivation. These permits are again expected in good time for the 2023 season. Surround is a water dispersible powder (WP) and consists of 95% kaolin, a natural clay mineral. Kaolin forms microscopically small platelets that lead to a white film of particles on the plant. The stomata on the leaf surface remain free so that the passage of gases and water is not disturbed. Surround works against insects:

  • as a repellent
  • prevents insects from laying eggs and eating
  • restricts the ability of insects to move (particles block the exoskeleton)

In numerous tests, an effect against aphids, pear suckers, cherry fruit flies, olive flies, rape pollen beetles, leafhoppers, thrips and walnut fruit flies has been demonstrated. In addition, the white particle film reflects sunlight and thus protects against sunburn, e.g. on apples (FiBL - classification as UV protection). Surround can be dispersed in water and easily applied with a crop protection sprayer. The product is available in 12.5 kg bags, with the application rates per application being 16 (pears), 24 (vines) and 25 kg/ha (rapeseed).