Novelty / Premiere

Suflux - Liquid Sulfur

Suflux - the new elemental liquid sulfur (800 g/l) of outstanding quality for the cultivation of field and special crops and formulated as a suspension concentrate.

Suflux is the new liquid special fertilizer for high-quality sulfur fertilization in fruit, wine, vegetable and arable farming. Suflux contains 800 g/l of finely ground sulfur and is formulated as a suspension concentrate. The microscopic sulfur particles are quickly converted into absorbable sulfate on the leaf surface. The formulation, which is aimed at successful professional use, leads to high adhesion, wetting and thus stability on the entire plant surface even without any special additives. Suflux eliminates sulfur deficiency and thereby specifically improves nitrogen efficiency. Yield and quality of the harvest are increased and frost hardiness is improved. Finally, Suflux has very good miscibility in the spray tank and thus fits seamlessly into existing work organisation. The application rate is usually only 3 - 5 l/ha per application, depending on the crop and needs. The amount of water per hectare can be adjusted to the operational conditions.