Product Highlight

Pressure Sprayer with Belt Loop

Our belt-mounted pressure sprayer 3132GM: It allows comfortable spraying with free hands and maximum flexibility due to a long spiral hose. Discover now!

MESTO Pressure Sprayer with Belt Loop

Type 3132GM | 1.5 litre 

Our new product with practical belt loop, spray line holder and long spiral hose.

Top features: 

  • A belt loop on the sprayer allows the unit to be attached to the body. Comfortable spraying with free hands is thus guaranteed.
  • An integrated holder allows you to hook the spray line onto the sprayer.
  • A long spray tube of 25 cm ensures that you can keep your distance from the sprayed liquid.
  • A 1.25 metre long spiral hose gives you maximum freedom of movement.
  • With a hollow cone nozzle you can reach every angle of the plant and achieve an optimal spray level.
  • The ergonomically shaped shut-off valve guarantees long working hours without tiring.  

Technical data:

  • Filling capacity: 1.5 litres
  • Max. Pressure: 3 bar
  • Nozzle: Brass hollow cone nozzle
  • Seal: FPM / FKM