Pneumatic defoliation machine ML

The pneumatic defoliation machine ML has been specially developed for the defoliation in apple cultivation. The machine is very efficient and allows fast and precise defoliation and, thanks to its adaptability, can be used anywhere.

Special nozzles on the rotating discs of the working head create a special air flow, which allows the precise removal of the leaves without damaging the fruit. In addition, ML Machine’s patented system enables high efficiency and low fuel consume.

The concept and design of the frame and the working headers have been developed in collaboration with South Tyrolean farmers: the special design and the various control options allow a precise operation on both sides of the planting row. Due to the rotation of the arm of over 180°, the machine can be completely swiveled to the other side. Thus, a processing of the shade side without empty runs is possible.
The compact and slim design allows a good view and low weight of the machine.
The pneumatic defoliation achieves a better exposure of the apples. In combination with the higher temperature difference between day and night, a more uniform and better coloration is achieved.

The better visibility of the apples increases the picking performance, with certain varieties you even save a complete picking cycle.

High quality high-performance air compressor:

  • Short compact design
  • Air filtration with 2 rotating pre-filters and 2 large air filters
  • large,highly visible pressure gauge
  • Pressure relief valve protects the machine from operating errors
  • Drain valve for cooling the compressor

Miscellaneous versions:

  • Two-part defoliation machine:
  • Defoliation heads with lifting mast in front andcompressor in rear

Technical characteristics:

  • defoliation head with 1600mm height
  • Head unit split andindependently adjustable with 2 T ylinder
  • Lifting mast with 800mm travel
  • Swivel arm with 700mm travel
  • Hydraulic slewing ring 260°
  • Working speed 1.2 km/h – 2.5 kmh
  • Working pressure from 0.4 to 0.8 bar (ideal up to 0.6 bar)
  • recommended tractor power: from 70hp
  • Air flow 55 m³/min
  • Oil capacity 10 - 20 l/min


  • defoliation head with 1950mm height
  • Swivel lifting mast 30°
  • Lifting mast with 1000mm travel
  • Swivel arm with different lengths
  • electric control valve with joystick operation
  • autonome oil supply with tank, pumpe and joystick
  • Cooling system
  • customer-specific compressor calibration
  • Kit Funding 4.0
  • Light bars