Let's get ready to bumble

The Koppert pollination portfolio has a new look. We offer a modernised look and feel to match our new branding, while maintaining the exceptional quality and effectiveness that Koppert bumblebees have always been known for.

Koppert bumblebees present a reliable, sustainable solution that guarantees maximum pollination. The Natupol system ist the result of over 35 years of accumulated expertise coupled to the latest technology - our best bumblebees, technically advanced hives, combined with ouer customized advice, deliver consistent performance and the best value for money.

Vital colonies with a long life span offer more pollination potential when compared to rival products because Koppert's bumblebee colonies grow bigger and last longer. Vital colonies with a long life span offer more pollination hours. Comparison trials showed Natupol colonies produced more brood and bees over a longer period of time, prolonging the overall pollination.

Pro-active research and collaboration with a number of scientific institutes and universities ensure we are geared for the future. With feedback from customers and local trials at numerous locations, Natupol products have been tried and testet to give your effective, affordable and sustainable solutions wich satisfy customer demands.