Lebosol® Dünger GmbH - Aminosol® and the product portfolio

We are a medium-sized company from the heart of the Palatinate Forest that manufactures products for professional agriculture. In particular, liquid formulated foliar fertilisers such as Aminosol® are our speciality.


Organic foliar fertiliser - contains more than 20 different amino acids
Effect of Aminosol® at a glance:

  1. Over 30 years of experience: Unique formulation with proven effect for over 30 years
  2. Faster revitalisation in case of stress due to: 1) Weather - too cold, too wet, too dry, too much sunlight 2) Herbicides 3) Planting
  3. More yield and quality: amino acids/phytohormones ensure even development, better fruit set, better fruit sizes, uniform ripening

More information on the use, storage and purchase of Aminosol® can be found at: Aminosol® product page at

Our product portfolio

The Lebosol® product portfolio includes a wide range of foliar fertilisers for all common crops. The fertilisers are specially tailored to the needs of the plants and contain all the important nutrients required for healthy growth and high yields.

The product groups include:

Foliar fertiliser:

  • Macronutrient fertilisers: Essential for the growth and development of plants.
  • Micronutrient fertilisers: Important for many metabolic processes in plants, but only required in small quantities.
  • Speciality fertilisers: Designed for specific plant needs, e.g. stress tolerance, harvest quality or resistance.

Foliar fertiliser also for organic cultivation:

  • Approved for organic farming (FiBL listed).
  • Support the health of plants and the sustainability of agriculture.

NPK fertiliser:

  • Contain the most important macronutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).
  • Ensure healthy growth and high plant yields.


  • Herbosol® improves the effect of soil herbicides.
  • Lebosol® Foam Stop PRO helps to remove foam from spray liquids.
  • Lebosol® citric acid is the perfect pH buffer for spray water.

Plant protection:

  • Foshield® is our potassium phosphonate-based fungicide for grapevines against Plasmopara viticola (downy mildew).
  • Curative and protective effect against Peronospora without known resistances
  • Water-soluble phosphites: Rapid distribution acropetally (into the buds) and basipetally (into the roots) in the plant.
  • Powerful and synergistic efficacy when combined with other fungicides (contact agents)

Would you like to find out more about Lebosol® products and solutions? Then visit our website or contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you and find the right fertiliser for your needs.