Product Highlight

Ilmer Line Mower FR-Evo

The patented single line coil cassettes with 15m loading volume enable individual readjustment and stockpiling of each individual thread. Can be combined with Ilmer mowers and tool carrier frames.

15 m loading volume - per line exit!
15 m of mowing line per single line exit is easily enough for 60ha, ideally even up to 100ha.

Patented single line cassettes!
Each thread can be separately readjusted or re-stocked - quick and easy!


Up to any situation!
Working width, rotor speed and angle, and protective cover are individually adjustable.


No shearing possible!
The milled out area and the flat exit angle of the line prevent the line from shearing off at the exit. This means that the line can always be conveniently readjusted from the outside without opening the rotor.


Absolutely gentle!
Clean mowing result even at reduced speed. The staggered line outlets and the large rotor diameter make it possible.


End position damping!
Prevents rocking or dampens kickback of the thread rotor. The start-up pressure of the rotor can be stepless adjusted.