Ilmer Forklift K2-D

The most advanced forklift in its sector. Extremely strong and lightweight for maximum payload, maintenance-free bearings, hydraulic box holders, patented fork closer and clear view of the loading area.

High-quality combi-bearings with long service life on the running rails, as well as side shift mounted on Teflon.


Best visibility to the loading area!
Unobstructed view enables comfortable and efficient work until late in the evening.


Patented fork closer!
When the crate holder system is fully retracted, the forks close automatically.


Efficient and safe!
Fast unloading of up to 8 large crates at the same time - no problem thanks to hydraulic crate fixing.


Safety first!
Fast and safe operation thanks to hydraulic crate fixation for 1-3 crates at a time.


Valuable freight!
The optional shock absorber protects the valuable crop from impacts during transport.


Hose lengths and three-point cylinders are adapted to the respective tractor model.


Impressive ergonomics!
Optimum three-point position for maximum payload.