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Green Packaging: Your Bag-in-Box Made from Eco-Friendly Cardboard

Bag in Box is the sustainable packaging solution for your beverages or liquids. And with us, you can easily customize and order them online. Whether it's your design or logo, even in small quantities, we've got you covered.

Once exclusively known for juice, our Bag-in-Box has evolved into the alternative to plastic packaging for various liquids and pasty foods. Its applications in the food industry span from fruit juice and wine to fruit juice concentrate, syrup, vinegar, cooking oil, sauces, soups, cider, mulled wine, and punch.

Recognizing that many customers require small quantities, we offer two different constructions for our Bag-in-Box. You can choose between versions with or without adhesive. The non-adhesive construction is cost-effective and suitable for smaller quantities.

  • Under 1,999 units without adhesive:
    • This Bag-in-Box variant is constructed without adhesive, offering a special design that can be easily folded.
  • From 2,000 units with adhesive:
    • This Bag-in-Box variant comes with adhesive, facilitating quick assembly as it simply unfolds.

Explore our online shop for available standard print designs that can be personalized with your logo, along with additional details.

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