Washing and disinfecting are essential first steps of post-harvest handling and are vital to help address food safety compliance of fruits. AgroFresh, a global AgTech innovator with four decades of experience as a produce freshness leader, offers a range disinfectants in its portfolio

FreshStart™ degrades quickly and residue-free and is therefore neither relevant for residues nor does it have a negative impact on the environment. It helps to significantly reduce contamination in the process water, e.g. in the sorting line. As a result, the need for water exchange is significantly reduced, thus conserving resources.
Water consumption and recycling are becoming significantly more efficient and cost-effective. The transmission of putrefactive agents such as Phytophthora to later sorted batches is prevented.

FreshStart Disinfect 25-15:

Hydrogen Peroxide 25% + Peracetic Acid 15%
Product for disinfecting process water in water-bearing sorting plants, emptying large boxes, irrigation systems and water storage tanks.
The product is certified by the CAAE and corresponds to the ecological/biological product guidelines of the EU due to its application regulations