There are many steps in the journey from produce harvest to retail sale. How you track and manage it greatly impacts your quality and bottom line. Existing systems and processes offer limited insights, which can lead you down a path of missed opportunities and unnecessary waste. Find confidence in y

Created by produce professionals with more than 40 years of global experience in the industry, FreshCloud is an integrated digital platform that works with your existing technology to make real-time data accessible and actionable from your phone or tablet. It allows you to capture, analyze and make decisions based on each piece of produce, from harvest to storage, for a stronger bottom line.

From field to floor to shipping.

The FreshCloud digital platform consists of three components that work together to deliver a cohesive solution for your business. All designed to integrate with your technology.

FreshCloud™ Inspection

Drive accuracy and consistency across your operation with streamlined quality inspections and intelligent end-to-end data visibility for real-time planning and decision-making.

FreshCloud™ Storage

Manage fruit in storage with confidence using dynamic sampling points taken during CA storage to help detect issues, anticipate room openings and reduce waste at pack out.