First compact sorter with camera

A new Green Sort Vision sorter for apples and fruit is very compact and simple in construction. Our machine is intended for orchard farms of up to 20 hectares.

Precise sorting
Apples have usually irregular shape. Fruit with the same diameter can have different weight. Due to that, the sorters with a camera are more precise than sorters with a scale. Thanks to using a camera, the Green Sort sorter provides not only a precise measurement of a diameter, but also sorting by colour and detecting visible damages..

Modern vision systems combined with AI algorithms allow for detecting and classifying damages. As a result, the sorter may for example differentiate first-class and second-class fruit – it is useful when selling apples for juice.

Simple construction, small size
By using the innovative system of turning the fruit under a camera, we managed to reduce the number of elements, which are additionally simpler to build. Thanks to that, by using the components of the highest quality we can offer half the price of our competitors.

The small size is its additional attribute. he dimensions of the sorter are merely 2.5m x 3m, which makes it the smallest sorter of this type on the market. It allows for saving a lot of space and using the storage area in an optimal manner.