Product Highlight

Efficient cleaning with FADEX H+

Removal of organic and chemical contaminants, also in organic farming, with a low application concentration of 0.5 – 2 %, even at low temperatures. Suitable for all surfaces without mechanical stress.

Hygienically perfect conditions in the production and handling of fruit and vegetables not only ensure the necessary food safety, but also help to increase the operating result. In sorting and storage, spoilage due to rotting is prevented and chemical contamination is also avoided. A product recall can thus be prevented. Efficient cleaning using qualified products saves labour costs and reduces water and energy consumption. Mechanical stress (scratching) of the surfaces is avoided.

The patented FADEX H+ cleaner was specially developed for use in horticultural production and for processing fruit and vegetables. It reliably removes organic residues and chemical contamination from a concentration of just 0.5% without leaving any relevant residues. A very good cleaning result can even be achieved without heating the water. FADEX H+ is acidic and highly foaming. It is FiBL-listed and suitable for all surfaces. Due to its high material compatibility, it can even be used to clean film tunnels. FADEX H+ is simply sprayed onto the film. Thanks to remanence effects, it is not necessary to rinse immediately after the exposure time. The soiling is simply washed off during the next rain event. By removing the dirt, the amount of light entering the film tunnel is increased. The increased light input makes a decisive contribution to increasing yields. The foil tunnel can therefore be used profitably for longer.