Product Highlight

De-Stoning / Pulping — Neatly Separated

The destoning machine separates the stones (pits) from the fruit before processing. The pits are ejected seperately from the mash. Our electric destoning machine simplifies the job — reliably and fast!

De-Stoning & Passing Machine Series KEP

The Kreuzmayr de-stoning/passing machine is used for the easy de-stoning and passing of fruits. For the different applications, there are sieves from 0,8 to 25 mm available. The specifically arranged rotor blades gently spin the fruits to the inner surface of the sieve, thus pressing the fruit pulp through the openings. The stones stay in the rotor chamber and are cast out after the fruit pulp is removed.


  • The machine is made entirely of stainless steel 
  • Plug-in compact unit
  • Delivered ready to use
  • Quick change of sieves 
  • Easy conversion to passing machine by changing of sieves and rotor blades
  • Low maintenance


The plug-in unit is made entirely of stainless steel, and can easily be disassembled for quick cleaning, thanks to the compact structure. The easy-to-switch sieves with different size openings provide individual results. The continuous speed regulation and 
space setting for the rotor blades provide an excellent de-stoning and 
passing process.

Easy operation

With the machines, KEP 650 and KEP 1000 take care not to over-fill the machine in order to ensure a quick and clean separation of the fruit pulp and stone. In the KEP 1500 and 
KEP 2500 the intake is automatically regulated with two dosing screws, which are controlled by a current monitoring relay.