Product Highlight


Fully automatic control and spraying system for innovative crop protection. The name CLEVERSPRAY PRO is no coincidence – “simply spray smarter” saves time, effort and benefits the environment.

The sophisticated farmunited software, high-quality control and sensor components and an easy-to-use APP take crop protection to a new level. Via a cloud, the treatment is defined in advance, each team member can work effectively, automated and reproducible and you have the processes in real time and everywhere “on the screen” and can readjust.


  • Fully automatic control of the application rate
  • High-precision measuring and control system
  • Effective, automated and therefore fully reproducible
  • Wireless communication anywhere, anytime
  • System modularly expandable
  • Can be retrofitted on all special crop sprayers (Plug & Work)
  • Emergency operation possible with keypad

Product Features:

  • SSC Smart Section Control: automatic section control
    when driving in and out with headland detection
  • Row Guide: Warning system when entering the wrong lane
  • “Instant View”: The spraying process always in view
  • Smart Power Control: Longer service life of the solenoid valves
  • Nozzle monitoring (automatic detection of defective/clogged nozzles)
  • Operation with Android smartphone/tablet
  • Integrated geodata-based documentation
  • Other components (e.g. valves, nozzles) as a one-stop service