Calshine - for sure supply of calcium

Calcium-magnesium suspension with humic acids as a chelator for calcium. Excellent effect e.g. against bitter pit with a very small application rate of only 1 l/ha and meter crown height

Calshine supplies crops in need with calcium and magnesium as well as trace elements.

The nutrient levels are:

  • 15% CaO calcium oxide, 2% MgO magnesium oxide, 0.069% B boron, 0.061 Zn zinc, plus organic acids, sugar, vitamins
  • Formulation: Suspension Concentrate (SC)

The important nutrient calcium is present in Calshine as a chelate in a complex with natural humic acids. In addition to the classic area of ​​application against bitter pit (the "Fräulein" variety is particularly susceptible) and other Ca deficiency diseases in pome fruit, Calshine is also used successfully in the cultivation of cabbage and asparagus (Calcium deficiency disease!).

Important innovation: Calshine is also approved for use in organic cultivation of apples.

Calshine is very easily absorbed through the leaves, hence the significantly lower application rate of only 1 l/ha and meter crown height compared to Ca chloride. The zinc component and the vitamins it contains also improve calcium mobility in the plant. Calshine can be mixed very well with pesticides and liquid fertilizers, so it can be fully integrated into the existing work organization.