Product Highlight

Biostimulants Surnan® - Dori®

SPAA® Srl, among the first companies to obtain CE marking on TWO BIOSTIMULANTS according to Reg. EN 1009/2019 in 2023 already. SURNAN® Woody Perennials. DORI® against Thermal Stress (Heat) on Grapes.

The experimentation of Surnan®, carried out through official test centers and field trials on the main crops, highlights its effectiveness in improving the quality and yield of productions thanks to the effectiveness of the biostimulation action of the groups of active substances in the different phenological phases in which the product has been tested.

  • Stimulates the plant's metabolism by improving the absorption and assimilation of nutrients
  • Promotes the development of the root system
  • Gives vigour and increases the photosynthetic activity of the plant
  • Stimulates flowering and promotes fruit set
  • Increases tolerance to abiotic stress