Avitar® – tripple effect in fruit growing

Fruit colouring with Avitar® - the pioneering liquid foliar fertiliser that is causing a sensation in fruit growing. Avitar® presents an innovative formula consisting of three natural components: Amino acids, humic and fulvic acids and seaweed.

Avitar® is the key to better colouring of apples. Our trials have shown that the unique blend of amino acids, humic and fulvic acids and seaweed promotes colour change and contributes to an intense red fruit colour.

How do these ingredients work?

Amino acids, as essential building blocks of proteins, increase the stress tolerance of plants, accelerate revitalisation and promote root formation. At the same time, they act as important antioxidants that counteract the negative effects of radiation stress. The high-molecular compounds of humic and fulvic acids improve the plants' nutrient uptake and contribute to healthy root growth. The marine algae, with their mix of phytohormones, peptides and polysaccharides, strengthen the plants, promote essential metabolic processes and increase stress tolerance. In addition, flower formation and fruit set are promoted, which improves the overall fruit quality.

How is Avitar® used?

But that's not all! Avitar® impresses with its versatility: it can be used in all crops, optimises nutrient efficiency, supports revitalisation after weather extremes and minimises sunburn thanks to its strong antioxidant effect. Avitar® is applied as a foliar fertiliser, either individually or in combination with a crop protection mixture.

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