Automatic Bag in Box & Stand up Pouch filler AUTOFLOW

Bag in Box Filler AUTOFLOW automatically fills hot & cold liquids into Bag in Box and Stand up pouch packaging. Capacity – 300 pcs. of 3 L bags per hour.

The machine fills packages fully automatically by pressing one button. Just insert a package into the filler and press the START button – the machine automatically removes the tap, vacuums the bag, fills it with liquid and closes the bag. The fulfilling process of 3 L bag takes ~7 seconds.

Capacity – 300 pcs. of 3 L bags per hour.

  • Bag in Box filler AUTOFLOW is extremely versatile. It is perfect for filling various liquids: from juice, wine, milk, broth, oil, to cream, coffee, ice cream, soap, motor oil, chemicals, etc.
  • Machine fills Bag in Box bags in sizes 1–30 L, stand up pouch packages in sizes 0,75–5 L. It is also possible to fill 220 L bags with a special filling gun.
  • Suitable for both hot and cold filling.
  • The filler can have optional interchangeable filling heads. This way with one filler you can fill bags with different closures, such as tap, milk tube, screw cap, simple cap, etc.
  • Laser safety mechanism protects limbs by automatically stopping & cancelling the filling process in case of an accident.
  • High-quality automatic filling head provides stable and smooth filling process.
  • The filler can have an optional detachable buffer tank for hot filling. It is mounted conveniently on the side of the machine for better inspection and easier washing process. The buffer tank also reduces liquid foaming during the hot filling process.
  • The buffer tank has an integrated liquid level control inside for regulation of overspill and level in the tank. The buffer tank also comes with a connection to our pasteurizer.
  • Error of volume repeatability is just ± 0,5 %.
  • Filler comes with a touchscreen panel and multi-language menu.
  • Easily adjustable filling table allows to easily fill different volumes of Bag in Box & Stand up pouch packages.
  • The filler is easy to clean after work with external and CIP cleaning.

Our Bag in Box fillers work in perfect synergy with our Pasteurizers. They have a special connection between them which prevents liquid from overflowing and ensures easy work.

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