Novelty / Premiere

Active ingredient benzoic acid - food safety through effective disinfection

A-QUASAN is the first and only authorised disinfectant with the active ingredient benzoic acid. It is authorised for use in storage, sorting, processing and water transport systems, including in organic farming. Causes no relevant residues, no corrosion damage.

The use of conventional, sometimes highly problematic active ingredients for cleaning and disinfection is a thing of the past in the production, storage and processing of food. In addition to innovative cleaning products, MENNO Chemie has also developed the new disinfectant A-QUASAN for the food sector. It is the first and only authorised biocide with the active ingredient benzoic acid (BAuA DE-0020842-03-04). It is also listed by the DVG for the food sector and by FiBL. A-QUASAN is comprehensively effective (bactericide, fungicide and levurocide) within 5 minutes.

Benzoic acid has numerous advantages over other active ingredients. In addition to its inhibitory effect against a broad spectrum of pathogens - bacteria, fungi and yeasts, it has a very long duration of action of 12 – 16 hours. A-QUASAN therefore remains active until the next use of the appliances and systems without causing corrosion damage. It therefore also reliably combats listeria.

As benzoic acid is a natural acid found in many plants, it is also highly biodegradable, so that it leaves no residue when handled properly and reduces contamination during water treatment.