Short description

Lonomy is a young startup from ETH Zurich with the goal to make tractors fully autonomous in orchards and vineyards. Existing tractors will be extended with modern sensors. Smart algorithms will than enable the tractor to perform spraying and mulching completely autonomous.

About us

Our goal is to make tractors completely autonomous in orchards and vineyards. Therefore we focus on the tasks spraying and mulching.

For fast and efficient development, software and sensors are first tested on a custom field robot. The same autonomous technology can than be put on a tractor.

Our algorithms can not only plan the optimal path through the field, but can also detect obstacles as well as humans and animals. This is crucial in order to stop the tractor in case of an obstacle to provide a high level of savety.

Currently, we are looking for a tractor partner, that could provide us with a tractor for field tests.

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