Short description

LEROMA is a B2B platform for food ingredients providing a search engine to find food raw materials and their suppliers as easily as possible, as well as a marketplace for surplus raw materials that would otherwise go to waste.

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Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • P Feed, feed additives
  • P Agriculture, seeds, oilseeds, grain legumes, cereals
  • P Vitamin and trace element specialties
  • P Active agent concentrates
  • P Other products
  • P Fruit Types
  • S Services
  • S Sales and distribution

About us

LEROMA is a young Start-Up company. We are focusing on a specific, and product-oriented search for relevant food raw materials in the B2B sector. Our team consists of many creative minds who want to improve the food industry in a sustainable way.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a global network and sustainable B2B platform for food raw materials with our work and the trust of our users.

For buyers

  • Find the right food raw materials quickly and easily based on product-specific criteria
  • Connect with professional manufacturers and suppliers with just a few clicks
  • Get the best conditions by comparing the food raw material offers

For sellers

  • Reach new customers and markets worldwide by increasing your visibility
  • Increase your attractiveness by publishing your product portfolio, specifications and certificates
  • Digitize your business to process sales efficiently and quickly