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Quality Tools and Equipment for Nurseries, Vineyards, Orchards and Horticulture

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About us

KME-AGROMAX has been a leading player in everything concerning the processes of binding, protecting, winding and cutting for more than 45 years.

MAX tying tools greatly simplify the daily work in nurseries as well as in vineyards, orchards and in horticulture. We only use proven high quality materials for the production of the Original MAX Binding Tape. For every use we offer the optimum binding tape from long lasting to decomposable.

Our electronic animal repeller ultraSon, developed and produced in our company, has been successfully employed in vineyards and in horticulture as well as at business premises, car parks and green houses for more than 35 years.

We also offer a hydraulic winder  (FIX Aufwickler) to draw and wind up old wires, string and irrigation hoses. Our reel (FIX Drahthaspel) speeds up the construction of a wire frame.

Powerful battery powered pruning shears from MAX complete our product range.