DALSEM Complete Greenhouse Project

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DALSEM - COMPLETE GREENHOUSE PROJECTS Dalsem is a leading greenhouse builder that develops complete high-tech greenhouse projects since 1932 that yield the highest quality and quantity of products in the shortest of time.

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  • P Fans
  • P Heating technology
  • P Heating technology, warm water preparation
  • P Heat exchanger, heat recovery
  • P Water treatment, warm water
  • P Lighting
  • P Additional products for plant protection
  • P Other products
  • P Irrigation systems
  • P water technology
  • P Refrigerating, air-conditioning and heating engineering
  • S Agricultural construction consulting, planning

About us

Dalsem is specialised in supplying complete, high tech greenhouse projects. We relieve the burden on our customers by taking care of every aspect involved in developing and implementing a succesful greenhouse project. That process comprises the following steps:


  • Design
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • Cultivation
  • Service


Each step is performed under our supervision, meaning that a single company is responsible for the entire process.