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is your specialist for biochar in agriculture. We offer bioactive solutions for soil improvements, biogas plants and animal husbandry.

About us

Our CARBUNA system for soil improvements is a modern and natural solution for biological and conventional agriculture. It is based on three ideas: Understanding and directing natural systems, organically fertilizing plants with amino acids and closing cycles through biochar.

The combination of specially developed biochar, organic recyclable materials and bioactive microorganisms quickly leads to measurable and lasting success in all agricultural applications.

By removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the form of biochar, CARBUNA AG contributes to the ecological balance and environmental sustainability.


Our products are suitable for organic farming. Our portfolio includes:

- Amino terra substrate (a combination of biochar, nutrients and microorganisms)

- Bio active carbon (activated biochar)

- Amino nutrient dynamics fertilizer (liquid fertilizer with positive microorganisms)

- Bio active microorganism (complex of positive microorganisms)

- Biochar for biogas plants (increase of plant efficiency)

- Biochar for animal feeding


For any further questions please call +49 8331 9949710, we are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. (CET).