Short description

Agvolution is your innovation partner for climate-smart farming solutions. Through the combination of our own IoT sensors and software, we help create farm knowledge by connecting people & technology

About us

AGVOLUTION was founded in 2020 by Sebastian Jerratsch, Thomas Maier, Lukas Kamm, Dr. Munir Hoffmann and Andreas Heckmann. Together with their team, they work on climate-intelligent solutions for agriculture, horticulture and public green spaces. This is because in Europe the effects of climate change on plant health are clear, both for plants and in particular for special crops. At the same time, the shortages and cost increases currently occurring require more efficient use of water, fertilisers, and even available labour.

The startup has developed an AI-powered environmental monitoring system ‘FARMALYZER‘ and novel IoT environmental sensors ‘CLIMAVI’. This can determine the past, present and future effects of local weather on plant health. In addition, AGVOLUTION places special emphasis on making the software and hardware intuitive to reduce technological barriers. For example, users can view how a forecast recommendation is generated or can contribute to prognoses through their own experience and knowledge.

The fusion of technology and human experience allows economic and environmental impacts to be balanced and interpreted locally and over time. For example, FARMALYZER allows for more efficient irrigation or to adjust fertiliser consumption.