Agrartechnik GmbH Dröppelmann

Short description

Machines - Technology - Service for nurseries, forests, orchards as well as for gardening and landscaping

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  • B Caffini
  • B Humus
  • B Köppl
  • B Kubota
  • B Seppi M.
  • B Westermann
  • B Perfekt
  • B Dröppelmann
  • P Sweepers
  • P Orcharding and viticulture
  • P Timber and forest industry
  • P Agricultural machinery
  • P Agricultural and municipal services equipment
  • P Machines and systems for orcharding, wine-growing and vegetable cultivation
  • P Additional machines and equipment
  • P Other products
  • P Tree nursery
  • P Forestry equipment

About us

For over 50 years

Nurseries, landscaping and forestry companies do a good job for good machines. Machines, you can count on is to protect the environment and achieve the maximum economic benefit. We build these machines.

We are in continuous dialogue with our customers to take their wishes and suggestions and can continue to develop so our model range and continually matched to the specific needs of the industry.

Comprehensive advice and quick delivery are as natural as a qualified service shop.

The environment is an asset that we have to treat them carefully. We are making our contribution. For example, by our machines for mechanical weed control to help reduce the use of chemicals.

The trustful cooperation with our customers, the creativity and the courage to take new solutions to attack the know-how to use them to develop practical technologies and more than five decades of experience in the industry have nationally and internationally a strong partner of the nurseries, landscaping - made, forestry and specialty crops.