We can do so much more!

Carbuna Biochar is ideal for field and fruit cultivation, but is constantly opening up other areas and fields of application. Our Biochar has been used for years in livestock farms as well as in horticulture, landscaping and industry.

Biochar in Building Materials & Industry

CARBUNA Biochar enable innovative CO₂ reduction in material and product development. Our wide selection and experience in handling this special raw material pay off for you.

Biochar serves as a climate-positive substitute for cement and aggregates in concrete products. In many other products, it can be used as an alternative for fossil additives. The special absorption properties serve in filtration, decontamination and treatment applications. CARBUNA is your partner for product development.

Biochar for Animal Feed & Biogas

CARBUNA Biochar shows its buffering and filtering properties in animal feed. Pollutants in the feed are bound and metabolic processes are optimized. Animal welfare is increased. Vegetable carbon also has a similar effect in biogas plants. The process biology is stabilized and the plant can run closer to optimum. Due to the permanently stable carbon and its soil-improving properties, our vegetable carbon upgrades farm manure. From inexpensive slurry carbon to special carbon for calf milk, CARBUNA offers you a wide range of solutions.

Sustainable concepts for urban green & horticulture and landscaping

CARBUNA Biochar concepts open new ways in the design of urban space and a development towards a sustainable sponge city.

Sustainable skeletal earths modeled on the Stockholm model form the basis for near-natural stormwater management. They provide storage and rooting space for trees and greenery. Biochar improves nutrient and water supply for green roofs and facades. Existing sports and green areas as well as tree stands are also strengthened by our Biochar products. Our innovative application concepts are particularly gentle and effective.