Service Highlight

RibbFill Control Coat system in a CA/ULO cold room

Ribbstyle is a company from the south west of the Netherlands that has been helping companies and projects with their coating systems for several years.

By having the focus solely on coatings, the company is specialized in the application and technical details of each project. It is not a byproduct, but a very important component in saving time and effort for a lot of companies and business processes.

The gastight finishing of storage rooms has been part of Ribbstyle for years. These are CA/ULO cold rooms, but also ripening rooms for bananas or avocado’s. By making the space airtight with our coating systems there is a complete control over the climate in the room.

We also apply the gastight coatings in spaces where commodities such as rice or cocoa are stored or treated against the infestation of bugs. These can be areas where commodities are fumigated or where the Controlled Atmosphere technique is applied.

With the RibbFill Control Coat system the CA/ULO cold rooms stay on regime and the fruit is optimally preserved.