Product Highlight

Efficient crop protection technology through radial blowers

Compared to other blower types, the radial blowers from Vicar achieve a high penetration of the foliage of ground, bush, shrub, spindle and tall crops thanks to a higher air speed with a lower air volume at the same time.

The air, as the carrier of the pesticide, can thus be better directed and positioned and results in an efficient and at the same time more economical application of the product to the plant and fruit.
The small amount of air in particular enables users to direct the carrier air and adjust the air flow individually. This leads to a significantly better reduction in drift and is therefore also more environmentally friendly. Another advantage: the more targeted application results in savings in the pesticide and thus leads to cost savings. Due to the different power levels and the individual alignment of the air flows - hydraulic if required - almost all application possibilities for cultivation types such as soil, bush, shrub, spindle and stem crops can be implemented with the radial fan. Farms with different crops cover their entire crop protection with just one VICAR sprayer and thus save the acquisition costs of additional devices.


The advantages at a glance:

  • More even and comprehensive application
  • Less emissions and drift of the environment
  • One system for almost all areas of application