Product Highlight

DALSEM X-AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution

A new era for Semi-Close greenhouse growing! The Dalsem X-AIR Semi-Close Greenhouse Solution with the X-AIR System adds new dimensions to the current approaches for greenhouse growing.

  1. The perfect symbiosis of knowledge, technology and data control.
    No resources are wasted, water is re-used and energy consumption is kept to a minimum.
    Yield and production quality are optimized due to the use of Data Driven Growing without need of a highly experienced grower.
  2. The Data Driven Growing Strategy will improve yield, avoids human error and therefore will attract more capital to the greenhouse industry.
  3. Sustainability due to our solution and the introduction of the X-AIR System.
    Your greenhouse will generate more production compared to current greenhouses, in some cases up to 10%, whilst saving energy (up to 20%) and CO2.