Product Highlight

Combination for mechanical weed control

Our perfect combination for mechanical weed control consists of (from front to back) corrugated disc front frame, shifting frame, chopping frame and a deep loosening.

The ideal combination consists of a corrugated disc front frame, a camera-controlled shifting frame, a chopping frame and a deep loosening system. The corrugated disc front frame achieves the best results in reducing tendrils and long stolons in advance. The rear-mounted, camera-controlled shifting frame provides precise guidance with its shifting movement +/- 250 mm and the large field of view of the camera, even for cultivated plants in poor condition.
Directly mounted on the shifting frame is the hoeing frame with its disc coulters (with anti-rotation device) and dovetail coulters with strong handle. It is responsible for weed control in the inter-rows and also loosens the alleys covered with straw without tamping. Another highlight of the annual plants is that the hoeing frame can still be extended with height-adjustable finger hoes, so that even the new plantings can grow weed-free. Behind this, the deep loosening system with a penetration depth of up to 500 mm ensures the perfect finish.
The well thought-out unit of disc coulter, deep mandrel and crumbling roller ensures the perfect result. All units can be used universally and in combination. They are suitable for applications in new plantations and perennial plants. Our mechanical weed control reduces applications with selective herbicides to a minimum / up to zero. Thanks to the intelligent camera control, the combination is eligible for funding by Rentenbank ( listed on the positive list ).