Service Highlight

Better decisions across the entire value chain

A successful season is built on experience and a thorough understanding of your orchard. Pixofarm assists you in storing all important information in one location and serves as your companion throughout the season.

Optimize on-field operations
Get a better yield, save time and resources by digitalizing your manual processes and optimizing your thinning and watering procedures.

Maximize profit
Get all the information you need to adapt steps to enhance your fruit growth rate during the season, and select the best target markets for your fruit quality to optimize your revenues.

Enhance marketing and sales
By receiving precise production predictions many weeks before to harvest, you can negotiate a higher price and feel more assured about the quality of your produce.

Improve logistics
Improve picking management, guarantee the proper quantity of bins and packing material are available on time, and better plan your shipments.

Smarter sorting and storage
Improve your sorting and storage operations by knowing what is in each bin by collecting real-time inventory data before the fruits leave your orchard.