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Exhibitor comments 2016

Eugen Setz, Director of Obst vom Bodensee Marketinggesellschaft marketing company:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee has again proven its valuable position in the industry. Two years ago, we reached what I thought were optimum visitor numbers, and maintaining these figures is a great result in light of the political and economic situation. International visitor figures have risen again and we were able to welcome leading industry representatives from neighboring countries. More people attended the opening ceremony of the Lake Constance Fruit Cultivation Days than ever before and all of the leading representatives of the umbrella associations attended. The attendance of Baden-Württemberg agriculture minister Alexander Bonde gave the opening of the Lake Constance Fruit Cultivation Days a political touch that we want and need, because policy frameworks are decisive for the fruit growing industry.”

Dr. Manfred Büchele, Director of the Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau-Bodensee competence center:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee has established itself as an international industry meeting. We have especially noticed an increase in visitors from Eastern Europe. The supporting program is attractive and has been very well received. “Our symposiums on the spotted wing drosophila were each attended by as many as 150 people each. We have to readjust our sails in the current situation, which also has something to do with investments and which also brings with it a search for new impulses. A farmer who skips the show here just can’t be helped.”

Claudia Metzler, Chairwoman of the distillers’ association Verband der Klein- und Obstbrenner Südwürttemberg/Hohenzollern:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee has become a true meeting place for distillers. Our booth had a lot of visitors and we were able to establish a lot of new contacts. The strong attendance at our seminars was also a pleasant surprise. For us, the Fruchtwelt Bodensee 2016 was great all around and we are already busy with the planning of international distiller’s day in 2018.”

Manfred Ehrle, Director of the Tettnang County Farmers’ Association:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee is important to us, because here we get in close touch with our members and have the chance to talk with with them. We can sense a relatively positive mood and can say that the farmers who come here are thinking positive, despite difficult times.”

Bernd Rieger, Sales Consultant at BayWa AG Agrar:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee is the flagship trade show for hail protection and covering systems. We have noticed an enormous internationalization of the show and had a lot of visitors from South Tyrol, Belgium, the Netherlands as well as Eastern Europe at our booth. The discussions went well, although we noticed that people are rather cautious about making investments due to the restrained mood.”

Nicole Wiedmann, CEO of equipment manufacturer Wiedmann Baumaschinen:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee is very important for us. It is the only trade show that we attend and it gives us the opportunity to meet and exchange views with people at the regional as well as international levels. We are very pleased with the many new contacts and customers that we have made. We will happily be back in 2018.

Doris Vöhringer, CEO of VOEN Vöhringer GmbH & Co KG Covering Systems:
“The mood is good. In the Fruchtwelt Bodensee, we see a regional, national and international communications platform that makes it possible for us to get in contact with customers from all over the world. We are very pleased with how things went this year and will be pleased to return in 2018.”

Tobias Ranzi, Director of the Carolus Ranzi Nursery:
“We are very pleased with how the Fruchtwelt Bodensee went. For us as a foreign company, the international trade show offers the opportunity to expand our sales and distribution network. So far, we have already been able to make several interesting contacts here and we are excited to see how they develop.”

Kai Weindorf, Field Sales Officer at Hans Wanner GmbH:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee, especially as far as its international character is concerned, is so good that you have no choice but to exhibit here. The situation out there in the industry is not the best, so we are all the more surprised with the good mood here at the show and the purchasing behavior here at our booth. We have had a lot of visitors and are completely satisfied with how the show went. We had very interesting discussions about our autonomous tractor with fruit growers from the Lake Constance region, from the lower Elbe and from the Düsseldorf area.”

Silvia Gielz, Staff member of the agriculture department of ZG Raiffeisen:
“The show offers everything the industry needs. Current trends and developments are presented. You have the opportunity to exchange views with customers as well as with other companies. For us as a regionally based company, the focus is on cultivating contacts with our existing customers as well as new customers. Although the market situation perhaps seems a little more tense than in the last few years, despite all of that we are very happy about the good response at the show and consider our expectations to have been completely met.”

Valentina Demetz, Project Leader of the Südtirol – Alto Adige booth:
“With every edition of the show, more and more companies want to present under the umbrella of the Südtirol brand - this year we are here with ten exhibitors. The two-year schedule for the trade show is ideal, because the companies always have something new to present. We have met interested customers and are very pleased with how the Fruchtwelt Bodensee went.”

Christian Curcetti, Sales Officer, Zanon:
“Especially in the fruit growing field, the Fruchtwelt Bodensee is very important for us. We are very pleased with the many regional and the number of international contacts that we have been able to make. As a foreign company, we are hoping to find new dealers here and to further expand the market in Germany.”